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A Houston, TX based capital firm dedicated to the acquisition of luxury real estate. We explore lucrative investment strategies that the typical principal will not.

Founded and operated by Real Estate investors of over a decade in investing experience. We are vertically integrated in our expert deal acquisitions, property management, and general contracting companies to reduce costs and increase investor returns.



Our deal analysis team consistenly discovers discounted real estate property with tremendous upside and exit potential.

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Market Knowledge

Founded by real estate investors who excel in strategizing and are backed by premier consultants.

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Keys to Success

Vertically integrated to include capital, property management, and contracting companies to reduce costs and increase investor returns.


    The Sirens Brand is a conglomerate of companies that encompass the scopes of Digital Marketing, Real Estate transactions & investments, as well as Technological 

Development. A Siren is a mythological creature of great beauty and cunning intelligence which are both characteristics that best describe our Brand's inspiration- Maria S. Huerta. The Sirens Brand was inspired by the passing of the founder's mother on May 30, 2019, and was named "Sirens" because Maria was as close to a Siren this world has come to know. Her mission was to empower women in corporate America to break the gender inequality chains by utilizing superior intelligence. This mission is now deeply rooted in each Sirens company. We also employ the principles of hard work and ambition being the core qualities that lead a business onto the path of ultimate greatness!

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Tel. +1 (282)732-8220



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Meet The Team


Julius L. Hardy

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The other half to our investment companies, He is responsible for being a leader in our community via mastermind knowledge. He most notably has achieved high sales in both our real estate and stock portfolios. 


Jonah D. Huerta

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 The founder of The Sirens Brand. Born and raised in Texas with a burning ambition for real estate, he leads the team with exceptional expertise.

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David Huerta

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The general contractor for our team, he has accumulated over 30 years over design build experience. He is an architect by trade and helps pull things together with all things construction. 

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